Writing Groups in Devon


AUTUMN RAP by Richard Lappas

That time of year again  as layers of leaves all golden and red
they rustle in doorways and swirl above our doubt that
autumn is turning the air cold and blue, everyone prays they won't catch the flu!

Despite the bluster of the wind and rain, EAA writers are gathered again
to talk of their pens being mightier than the sword, plots planned, chapters
edited, work submitted, these guys are sharp and won't be outwitted

When it comes to creating their works of art, they do so with a passion that is as true as a dart
round the table we start with Jen B, her work is so embracing, a poet laureate one day you'll see

Then onto Tracy and me, we have done our edits and are feeling free! Then 'Rich the Doc' who
makes the best beetroot rolls, asking advice on book covers, "which you like" he calls as he scrolls

Next up is Brian, talking about his talks as ever growing in confidence, he is walking the walk!
Lovely Susie who working hard on book three, if you are ever bored writing is the key!

To the final three who are Tracy, JK and Guv, all working hard with good humour, they are all such a luv

The Ship is called the EAA and its crew are hard working most every single day and once the work is done
by every girl and every chap, it's time to call for a cuppa, it's an autumn rap!

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