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A Hurricane Force Meeting by Richard Lappas

'The Guv has returned and despite the hurricane force winds and lashing rain that swirled ferociously in and around Camp Costa Lot (No walls on us!), the Guv has once again taken up the reigns of this family of wordsmiths that was so brilliantly held during her absence by the uber efficient Jenny Kane (Lady Marion to her fans) and her sterling efforts in keeping the ship afloat, will go down in the annals of history that is the EAA.

So amidst the bluster and blowing, the gathering also hailed the return of young Brian who had been absent due to a nasty bug though his spirits were lifted after Christmas, in hospital somewhere, became bearable after being joined by the infamous Father Christmas and a silver brass band! Great to see you back Brian humour and comradeship sorely missed for sure and good to see you mending. By the way as you've missed the last 2 meetings, it's your turn to buy the coffees...And we want cake!

Meantime, everybody in attendance today is writing, editing, planning, researching about poetry in Westhill, family eulogies in Tivvy, knife crime, and anti-terrorism strategy in Ottery St Mary, talking birds in Dorset, succulent beetroot rolls in Brixham, audio narration in Normandy (Get it play on surname do I really have to explain!!!), writing fantasy from the banks of the River Exe, teaching that the Hood is good and Guv scurrying through the list of gigs that include the bookonistas of exmuff and a stock of pigs
in north devon!

All in all, the monthly family reunion went smoothly..the coffee costa lot, the wevver was wild and everybody had a smile on their faces.

A good result on a miserable day! #biznisasusual!'

 by Richard Lappas

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AUTUMN RAP by Richard Lappas

That time of year again  as layers of leaves all golden and red
they rustle in doorways and swirl above our doubt that
autumn is turning the air cold and blue, everyone prays they won't catch the flu!

Despite the bluster of the wind and rain, EAA writers are gathered again
to talk of their pens being mightier than the sword, plots planned, chapters
edited, work submitted, these guys are sharp and won't be outwitted

When it comes to creating their works of art, they do so with a passion that is as true as a dart
round the table we start with Jen B, her work is so embracing, a poet laureate one day you'll see

Then onto Tracy and me, we have done our edits and are feeli…

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Buns at Bampton - Coming Soon!

Where there's coffee & cake stall, there's an Exeter author ..and quite right too as the Exeter Authors prepared for a return visit to the amazing Bampton Charter Fair. This time four of our members are going and will be holding a series of free talks.
This month had a huge agenda with contributions all round from Lucy V, Brian, The Doc, Susie W, Johnny  Terrorist , Tracey Transponder, poetic Jeni, The Guv, Tracy Ann
 and not forgetting a guest appearance by the Bean! The only miss was Jenny  who was off in "Retreat" somewhere on the Moor of EX!!
There is lots g…

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